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Physiotherapy at Maloney Elkassem Wellness

Restoring your body's function and alleviating discomfort is a journey that requires expertise, dedication, and therapeutic interventions tailored to your unique needs. 


At Maloney Elkassem Wellness Clinic, our team of seasoned physiotherapists is committed to optimizing your mobility and enhancing your quality of life. We begin with a thorough evaluation, ensuring a customized treatment plan that encompasses the most effective techniques tailored to your specific needs.  Tailored care your needs includes hands-on and cutting edge therapies like soft tissue therapy, exercise therapy, Laser therapy, acupuncture, visceral manipulation and more. 


And when you choose Maloney Elkassem Wellness, you have access to our entire team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and our psychology and counselling professionals. 


Whether its whiplash from a car accident, a sprain or muscle strain from exercise or sports, stiffness and ache from too much computer time, or soreness from yard work... injuries happen.  The sooner you have a professional guiding your recovery, the quicker you can get back to feeling your best and doing the things you love to do.



  • Pain Relief: 

    • Address and alleviate chronic or acute pain for improved daily living.


  • Mobility Issues:

    • Enhance your range of motion and flexibility with targeted therapies.


  • Post-operative Rehabilitation:

    • Regain strength and mobility after surgeries.


  • Injury Recovery:

    • Accelerate the healing process from sports injuries, car accident injuries or from daily life.


  • Postural Corrections:

    • Rectify imbalances and misalignments for a healthier stance and movement.


  • Pregnancy Support and and Post-Partum Core Muscle Strengthening: 

    • Feel better during your pregnancy and get therapy for improving core muscle strength or correcting abdominal muscle diastasis after delivery.

Therapeutic Interventions We Provide:


Utilizes sound waves to promote tissue healing, reduce swelling, and alleviate pain.

Medical Acupuncture

An ancient practice adapted for contemporary use, targeting specific points to relieve pain and improve bodily functions.

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy pulses specific wavelengths of laser light deep into tissues to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, increase circulation & speed healing.

Visceral Manipulation

Hands-on therapy that targets internal organs, releasing restrictions and promoting healthy function.

Functional Strengthening Exercise

Tailored exercises to improve strength, stability, and function in daily activities. 

Fascial Manipulation

Targeted hands-on technique to release tension in the fascia, enhancing mobility and reducing pain.

Please Note: Our clinic does not offer third-party assessments, fitness to work assessments, among others.



Direct Billing: Enjoy the convenience of direct billing for many health insurance plans. 

At Maloney Elkassem Wellness Clinic, your physical well-being is paramount. Trust in our award-winning team to guide you towards a healthier, more active life through our comprehensive physiotherapy services.  

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