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Adhesions are pieces of scar tissue that act like tiny, little dabs of glue. Scar tissue is the cheapest grade of tissue that the body manufactures to repair itself. These dabs of glue bind the fibers of muscles, tendons, ligaments and even nerves together. When this happens things can't work the way that they're supposed to.

If scar tissue and adhesions are one of the body's healing mechanisms, why do they cause such problems?

Often, when we injure ourselves, we don't take proper care to fix the problem correctly. For this reason, our healing mechanisms can go overboard, working harder and longer than is normal. The result of this process is that there may be too much scar tissue, binding up movement, or scar tissue found in inappropriate places, such as between fibers, attaching to nerves, etc. This means that muscles have to work harder to move, movements aren't smooth because of the extra friction scar tissue creates, and nerves can be irritated or choked off.

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