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Monica Facchin, BSc KIN, MSCPT, C.MED. ACUP., C. GLA

As a student athlete, Monica was drawn to study physical therapy after she saw first hand how important receiving excellent care was to help her recover from injuries and stay healthy.  As a result of this experience, Monica is passionate about how physiotherapy can help make the world a better place and she does her best to make a difference, both for the patients she cares for as well as giving back to the profession through her work in the university program.  


Monica graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Alberta and continued her education at the U of A, earning a Masters in Physical Therapy (MScPT). 


Following her graduation, Monica continued her education, becoming certified in Medical Acupuncture, and later certified in the GLA:D rehab program for knee and hip osteoarthritis. Monica continues to enhance her skills, as she is currently working towards a specialization in Manipulative Therapy. 

Clinical Expertise


Monica has substantial experience in general musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy, including more complex post-operative rehabilitation, motor vehicle accident (MVA) injury rehab and sports injuries.  In addition to her own athletic experience, she has worked with the U of A Pandas soccer team.


Monica is both experienced in and enjoys helping infants and children with pediatric issues like torticollis, head shape abnormalities and toe walking or gross motor deficiencies. 


She also enjoys helping seniors stay healthy, pain free and active, and recover from injuries. 


Modalities and Therapeutic Approach


Monica employs a variety of treatment modalities to enhance patient care, including manual therapy, shockwave therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound and functional exercises. Her approach is patient-centered, focusing on each individual’s own needs to accelerate recovery times and improve each person’s quality of life.


Community Engagement


Beyond her clinical practice, Monica remains actively involved with the University of Alberta’s Masters of Physiotherapy program, volunteering in various capacities including serving as an interviewer for program admissions and helping with final year clinical exams for graduating students. This involvement demonstrates her dedication to the field of physiotherapy and her commitment to fostering the next generation of physiotherapists.

Personal Interests


In her personal life, Monica has a rich history of sports involvement, including basketball, badminton, and rugby.  In her down time, she enjoys using her hands knitting, baking and cake decorating, and she loves time in the great outdoors, especially with her friends and family.


At Maloney Elkassem Wellness, we are lucky to have Monica Facchin bring her extensive training, personalized approach to therapy, and her warm, engaging personality to her role as a physiotherapist. Her broad expertise and compassionate care make her a valued member of our team, helping our clients to move better and feel better every day.

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